V Energy Drink

V vitalise energy drink 250ml can new zealands favourite energy drink providing a pick me up on the go to vitalise body and mind. containing guarana and b vitamins you can think of it as your mid-afternoon wake-up call.



V Energy Drinks are famous for being able to stimulate your physical and mental energy, and provide you with the
ammunition and enthusiasm to put a spin on your every day.

V’s been giving people kicks since back in the dark ages (well…1997). It all started with a not-so-yummy mummy
getting a wake up call. Along the way there’s been all sorts of misfits – tennis playing cows, adrenalin junky bugs, a
coning rocket man. If you’re into that sort of thing, relive the bad ol’ days with a V nostalgia trip.

V Green was the very first energy drink from V Energy. The iconic green can contains their distinct flavour. And, let’s
not forget that fiesty guarana hit – the launch pad for all the other V products. V Energy don’t play favourites with
thei flavours but it seems like you do. More people reach for Green for their daily energy hit than any other flavour.


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