High in calories easily converted to energy by wild birds, Peanuts are often the simplest yet most valuable source of food you can provide for our native birds.



Peanuts appeal to a very wide range of wild birds, including Robins, Dunnocks, Wrens, Nuthatches, and Coal Tits. Peanuts should never be fed loose, on a bird table or scattered on the ground, and should always be placed inside a Wire Mesh Peanut Feeder. Ensuring that the birds always get the peanuts from a feeder will prevent large pieces or whole nuts being taken and fed to fledglings, which could present a serious choke risk.

All peanuts are not created equally, in fact, some peanuts are infected with a fungus known as aflatoxin. This fungus has known carcinogenic traits in humans and can cause toxicity leading to death in wild birds. As there are no known ‘safe’ levels of aflatoxin for wild birds, we only sell Grade A, certified aflatoxin-free peanuts. Our premium peanuts are always fresh, and we ensure that they are of the highest quality when they reach the end customer by avoiding storing the peanuts in our warehouse for a long time where they could become stale.

Packed into each Peanut are many of the essential nutrients, proteins, oils, minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorous and Potassium =, making them an ideal source of energy for a variety of birds, so don’t let aflatoxin scare you from feeding peanuts. Simply ensure that you buy certified aflatoxin-free peanuts from a trusted supplier.

Peanuts are also a favorite treat of squirrels. While some people enjoy watching the squirrels forage among the food they provide for the birds, others prefer to divert the squirrels from their bird feeding stations as they will often hoard any food available. This is easily achieved with a suitable Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder.

We recommend feeding birds all year round, to aid their survival and allow you to enjoy watching them throughout the seasons – in Autumn/Winter food is scarce and in Spring/Summer it’s important to provide a plentiful supply to allow them to nurture their young. Ensure water is available all year around in a suitable Water Dispenser for birds to drink and bathe, ensuring it is cleaned regularly and doesn’t freeze in colder weather. Prevent bacterial build-up where birds feed by regularly cleaning with a Bird-Safe Disinfectant.


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