Frozen Horse Mackerel

Name of product Forzen Horse mackerel Suit For Angola Market
Latin Name Trachurus japonicus
specification 12-14pcs/kg, (15cm-20cm)  8-10pcs/kg,
(20cm-25cm)  6-8pcs/kg (25cm-30cm)
4-6pcs/kg   (up30cm)
Processing BQF
N. W. 10kgs/ctn
Glazing 10%, 15% or as customer’ s requirements
Method of catch Light purse and Trawl caught
Min. order qty 1*40FCL= Around 28 Mt Trial Order


Fresh, delicious, clean, healthy fish

Good quality, cheap price

1. Common Name: Horse Mackerel

Latin Name: Trachurus japonicus

2. Seafrozen

3. Size: 12-14PCS/kg, 15cm-20cm, 8-10PCS/kg, 20cm-25cm, 6- 8PCS/kg 25cm-30cm, 4-6PCS/kg up30cm

4. 90%Net weight



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